Company Profile

Sun Chang got the first price for national brake system for constant 2 years and is the only manufacturer the honor of "It's Very Well" of national price. This new product is suitable for universal types.

The features of Brake Shoes with ABS FUNCTION:

  1. New design for brake shoes in 2-step function to prevend stop in a very short time; thus increasing safety, especially for the front brake and V-Bake.
  2. Innovationary construction for brake shoes is made by brand-new and special material of 3 kinds:
    1. made by superior function of high friction and stop smoothing material.
    2. Body parts is constructed by tough tenacity and high noisy material. Users can be reminded when the life of the material is exhausted and should be replaced.
  3. Patented worldwide.
  4. Superior quality & economic prices results in good market competition.
  5. This product can be oxidezed naturely. No age resistor added.
  6. This product meets with TUV test. The test result of stability and safety is very well which lasts one year from May 1997 till now.
  7. Long life for tire use and the waste(or burning) is reduced; thus the bad influence on the environment can be smaller.

Strive For Excellence In Quality

Business Philosophy

1987 Incorporated the company.
1990 Computerized multi-spectrum control system began joining operation.
1993 Peitou Plant III at Changhua County completed to join production.
Tienwei R&D Center completed and began operation later in the year.

Future Prospects

Executive: J.Y. Shiue
Establish: 1987
Capital: US$0.61M
Employee: 67
Factory Area: 4356M^2